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National ISRC Agencies’ websites and contact details are listed at National Agency Contacts.

Some National ISRC Agencies/MLCs provide access to query their repertoire and/or ISRC resources, e.g.:

PPL UK Repertoire Search

VPL Repertoire Search

SCPP Repertoire Search

Musical works (compositions) are normally identified by International Standard Musical Work Codes (ISWC).

ISWC is maintained for ISO by the ISWC International Agency for use in identifying the compositions produced by composers and authors.

CISAC offers online access to ISWC data via the ISWCnet search.

Physical products are generally identified by UPC/EAN barcodes. UPC/EAN for those products released on physical carriers may be required by MLCs as part of the repertoire registration process. The numbers represented by UPC/EAN barcodes are GTINs.

Label Code is a system used formerly in Switzerland and still in Germany to denote authorisation for broadcast and to assist in accounting for the extent of such usage.

Foundational theory on identifiers has been created by the indecs project and accessible via the International DOI Foundation and under the work of the Linked Content Coalition.

Information resources such as MusicBrainz may utilise ISRC.

The ISRC Standard is developed and maintained by ISO/TC 46/SC 9.