ISRC was developed by the international recording industry and has become an international standard

ISO standardised ISRC as ISO 3901:2019. Since 1988 IFPI has recommended ISRC to its members.

The ISRC system is constructed so that any entity creating sound recordings can obtain the means to assign ISRCs regardless of their membership of, or standing with, industry associations and other bodies.

Potential users of ISRCs apply to the ISRC Agency in their territory for a Registrant Code. If no ISRC Agency exists in a territory, applications should be directed to the International ISRC Registration Authority. For a list of the ISRC Agencies please click here.

The ISRC Handbook contains comprehensive explanations and guidelines of how to implement the ISRC system.

The structure of the identifier is explained here

The ISO standard 3901:2019 is available from ISO or from National Standards bodies.