An ISRC registrant should not assign ISRCs to recordings owned by another party.

ISRC should not be assigned if an ISRC has previously been assigned to the same recording. Instead the existing ISRC should be used.

The assigned ISRC identifies the recording regardless of format or bit-rate differences. The ISRC of a recording should remain the same across different releases or formats.

If the recording is licensed to another party or used across different countries, the existing ISRC of the recording should be retained and used.

If the recording is licensed to other entities on different terms or different rights are licensed, the same ISRC still applies to the recording.

ISRC is not used to identify compositions or lyrics, nor is it used to identify the products or releases (such as a CD or an MP3) that may contain an embodiment of a sound recording.


It is expected that parties assigning ISRC will comply with copyright law.

Normally this will require permission from the owner of any recorded material included within the recording.